What makes Lujo Fino different?

- Here at Lujo Fino we strive for perfection in every aspect of our company, we know that perfection is impossible but in the chase for perfection we catch excellence. We offer the most finest and purest materials the world has to offer from our Solid 14k Gold to our 925 Sterling Silver imported straight from Italy.

Lujo Fino vs competitors 

- All of Lujo Fino's jewelry is made using only the highest quality and most durable materials from our Solid 14k Gold to our 925 Sterling Silver. Our Gold Filled jewelry is made using 7% solid 14k gold on top of a long lasting base metal are 925 Silver. Our process is a very expensive and time consuming process done in Italy by our expert artisans in Italy. Most of our competitors only offer cheaply made gold plated jewelry that only contains at the most .05% solid gold and is also plated on a cheaply made stainless steel or even brass metal.

Can I wear my jewelry everyday?

- Yes! All of our jewelry is made to last a lifetime of everyday wear. When rocking a Lujo Fino piece you don't have to worry about water or sweat as they can be worn at the beaches or even at the gym while you get your pump in all with no worries of your jewelry losing color or turning your skin green. 

What does Life-Time Warranty mean?

- We stand by our jewelry 100% that we offer an industry leading Life-Time warranty. The warranty entitles you to a one-time repair or replacement of the piece - free of charge. We may repair or replace the item if you experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage due to manufacturer defects. Warranty is voided on user damage issues. Warranty does not cover lost/stolen items.

Is Lujo Fino Legit?

- As a new company trust is an issue with new customers, but we can assure you that we are 100% legit. We have sold in all of the United States and in 5 Countries with almost 300 and counting loyal customers who have joined La Familia a community built by us. Plus with our Free shipping and Fast exchanges/returns you have no risk to check us out. 

What does Lujo Fino mean?

- Lujo Fino means Fine Luxury in Spanish.