What is different about Lujo Fino?

Lujo Fino is not a jewelry brand. We are an up and coming premium luxury brand but with a twist, from the vision of our founder and president Fidel Ricardo Cabral Lujo Fino is set to become the first world renowned Mexican Luxury brand. 

What does Lujo Fino mean?

Lujo Fino means Fine Luxury in Spanish.

Our materials vs our competitors materials

Lujo Fino is dedicated to only offering the finest and most highest quality materials in our products. Which is why we only work with pure 14k Gold, Silver, and Rhodium in all of our jewelry. We also stand by our word which is why we are the only brand that offers TRUE Lifetime Warranty on ALL of our jewelry. Unlike the rest of our competitors who use inexpensive materials such as stainless steel, brass, and even copper in their jewelry ( BTW those material just listed are the reason for the green necks and allergic reaction many people have). 

Can I really wear my jewelry 24/7? 

Yes, yes you can if you purchased it from Lujo Fino. Our jewelry is mean't to be worn 24/7 because just like us here at LF we understand that you as well are on a mission to build a better life and do not have the time to be worrying if you have to take your chain off or not before you workout or take a shower. 

What does Lifetime Warranty cover?

Here at LF we stand by our jewelry 100% which is why we offer a industry leading Lifetime Warranty. This warranty entitles you to a one-time repair or replacement of you piece FREE of charge. We may repair or replace the item if you experience any defects in craftsmanship or breakage due to manufacturer defects. Warranty is voided on user damage issues. Warranty does not cover lost/stolen items. (to file any Lifetime Warranty claims please email us

How can I return/exchange an item?

Please view our Return Policy.