There's Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, and many more European luxury brands but none from Mexican heritage until us, Lujo Fino.  

    Lujo Fino was brought to life in 2020 with the vision to become the first ever world renowned Mexican luxury brand. The vision came from our founder Fidel Cabral while he was roofing one day.

    What better way to begin then by disrupting the fine-jewelry market that for years has been dominated and marketed towards women. We aim to close the gender gap by offering our handcrafted Italian jewelry in a style that can be worn by men.

    With the help of thousands who have already became apart of the Lujo Fino family and the many more joining everyday, we will soon bring to life the vision of becoming the first world renowned Mexican luxury brand.


We aim to inspire the world while brining a new luxury.

When you think of Lujo Fino we want you to envision a lifestyle surrounded by lux built for the ones who are ambitious, innovative, and extraordinary. YOU.


The Lujo Fino life is inspired by the everyday go-getter, the one who wakes up everyday and chases their goals.

    We want to give you the jewelry that you deserve. The jewelry that you can wear everyday from a busy day at the job, straight to the gym, to the shower, and then dress it up for the luxurious night out. ALL without once having to worry about taking it off.



Fidel R. Cabral

"When it feels scary to jump in that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life and that i cant do."

When the idea Lujo Fino first came across my mind I was working full-time on the roofs while also being a full-time student. I caught myself in the "rat race" I had the same routine everyday and for an entrepreneur like myself I was in other words, in hell. Not because I was working on the roofs or going to school but because I knew that there was something bigger awaiting for me. That being Lujo Fino. I know I'm not the only who feels or has ever felt that way but like the quote above says, some of us were to afraid to jump and missed out while the others jumped without looking back. And those who jumped are the reason I built this company to turn it into the lifestyle we all strive for. A living of FINE LUXURY - LUJO FINO.